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John & Heather 

Our Mission:

To Equip and Inspire followers of Jesus Christ to maximize their potential.

Ministry Report:

John Ministering

Welcome to our web site! We hope this finds you well. Here in Australia we are closing in on the end of what has been, for Melbourne, a very cold winter.

The past few months have, as always, been very busy here at JCM. I’ve had the privilege of ministering in various churches in Melbourne, Adelaide, South Africa and New Zealand. It is so exciting to see people encountering God. There have been many making commitments to become followers of Jesus. Testimonies have been received of people physically healed. Prophetic words have brought clarity and release to numerous people. One of my absolute joys is mentoring leaders in many countries. I am continually challenged by the outstanding quality of these men and women I am privileged to serve as they accomplish so much for God and His Kingdom.

I am really grateful for the outstanding Team we have at JCM and you can see photos of all the members under the ‘Our Team’ tag above.

We’ve been really blessed in recent weeks to have many more leaders and churches join our Leaders Network family. Details of all that is happening in our LNI “Tribe”can be found at www.leadersnetworkinternational.net.

In the next few weeks I will be ministering here in Melbourne at churches and at a Conference. I will also be ministering in Ghana, West Africa and Durban, South Africa. Your prayers are really valued and appreciated.

Thank you to all those who stand with us as Prayer and / or Financial Partners. Through your faithful partnership we continue to impact numerous lives in many nations. To God be the Glory!!

We hope your year is going well!

Here at JCM we continue to see growth, increase and enlargement.

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Blessings and best wishes,
John and Heather

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Hospitality Horrors Booklet

Hospitality Horrors Booklet The Experiences of two intrepid travelers.

Over many years both Pastor Iliafi Esera and I have been privileged to travel to many places serving churches and leaders in various nations. Many times on our travels the biggest challenges have been the places we have stayed in. Hosts who had obviously never traveled themselves were completely oblivious on how to treat visiting ministers! This booklet will have you laughing while sharing some practical tips on how to - and how not to! - host the ministries you welcome in to your church.

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